Sing Your Way to Reading and Writing – Digital Audio Files

Author: Betty Chamberlain

The audio files below accompany the book and worksheets Sing your Way to Reading and Writing by Betty Chamberlain and should only be used in conjunction with this publication.


  • The audio files below may be downloaded for offline use by the purchaser of this publication.
  • The files should not be shared with others who have not bought the publication.
  • Click on the three dots next to each audio file to download.
  • Audio files play on all browsers but downloads work best on Chrome where the three dots are visible.
01 Alphabet Song.mp3
02 Sight Word House.mp3
03 Sight Word Tree House.mp3
03 Sight Word.mp3
04 Vowels.mp3
05 My Name Is…My Sound.mp3
06 Sight Word Rhyme.mp3

07 Shhhh.mp3
08 Th.mp3
09 Ch.mp3
10 Vowels Sounds.mp3