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My Basic Facts Workbook

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From NZ$20.00

My Basic Facts Workbook

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From NZ$20.00

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Master the Foundations of Math in a Flash


Invest in My Basic Facts Workbook today and open doors to a world where math is no longer a challenge but a delightful puzzle waiting to be solved. Perfect for educators aiming for excellence and students keen on staying a step ahead. šŸŒŸ

Discover the pivotal resource tailored to elevate the understanding and speed of basic math facts. From addition to division, our workbook offers learners a systematic, engaging, and comprehensive journey.

Key Features:

  • šŸŒ Full Spectrum Learning: Dive deep into addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts ranging from 1ā€“12, and occasionally branching out to larger whole numbers.
  • šŸš€ Boost Overall Math Performance: Notice a remarkable increase in your math skills as you master these foundational concepts. Remember, speed and accuracy in basic facts make the rest of math a breeze!
  • šŸŽÆ Tailored For Tweens: Primarily designed for students aged 11 to 14, ensuring the content is age-appropriate and engaging.
  • šŸ“– Structured Learning: Organized into four distinct sets, each featuring an assessment at the start and a revision sheet at the end. Set goals, evaluate performance, and celebrate progress with the 'My Progress Results' page.
  • šŸŽ² Diverse Learning Sheets: Keeping the learning journey intriguing with formats such as Family of Facts, Pyramids, Wheels, and many more. Say goodbye to monotonous learning!
  • šŸ› ļø Supportive Tools Included: Starting pages come packed with beneficial tools like addition tips, multiplication tables, and division charts, acting as a ready reckoner for students.
  • šŸ§  Strategized Usage: With just 5-10 minutes of daily practice, witness transformative results. Use our recommended classroom steps for a fun and fruitful math session.
  • āœŽ Answers: included to help teachers claim back their precious time.

šŸ“š How to Use My Basic Facts Workbook šŸ“š

  1. Begin Your Math Session Right: Allocate 5-10 minutes at the start of every math lesson for workbook exercises.
  2. Structured Assignments: Depending on the lesson's complexity, assign a full, half, or third of a page to the students.
  3. Celebrate Quick Mastery: Encourage a lively and competitive environment as students exclaim, "Done!" upon completion. Reward the quickest five with a stamp or any recognition of your choice.
  4. Promote Individual Pace: It's essential to respect each student's learning speed. Always remind them that everyone progresses at their own pace.
  5. Reinforce with Repetition: For a lasting impact, come together as a class and chant the answers. It's fun, memorable, and immensely beneficial!

Answers for assessments and revisions, as well as a glossary, are provided in the final sections of the book.


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