3 Features of the Kiwi Teaching Planner 2023

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As a teacher, we know it’s not always easy to remember special days, come up with new and creative teaching ideas, and support students with various emotional and behavioural needs. You have a lot of lesson plans on your mind. Sometimes you might need a little extra support to organise your class and curriculum. That’s exactly why Edumaxi published the Kiwi Teaching Planner, available on our User-Friendly Resources online store.

The Kiwi Teaching Planner is an ideal teaching resource for New Zealand primary and intermediate schools. Teachers can organise lessons for every day of the school year, keep track of students’ behaviour, and even incorporate more te reo Māori into lesson planning, using the extra teaching resources that are included. With a practical layout and annual additions, you’ll always be prepared for the upcoming school year!

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the features of the Kiwi Teaching Planner.

Teaching Ideas and Templates

The Kiwi Teaching Planner reflects the goals of the New Zealand Curriculum. It includes teaching ideas and lesson plan templates that support student learning objectives as the curriculum suggests they should be paced and achieved throughout the school year.

Teachers can save hours of valuable time planning lessons when they have prompts for every day of the school year. All you have to do is open your teaching planner hard-copy book or PDF and fill in the worksheet to complete the lesson plan.

Comprehensive Behaviour Management Section

Another helpful feature of the Kiwi Teaching Planner is its comprehensive behaviour management section. If you have students in your class who need additional behavioural, emotional or learning support, this section in the Kiwi Teaching Planner provides suggestions to help support them.

Neurodiverse students and those who have behavioural issues usually have unique learning styles too. Therefore, differentiating instruction to meet the learning needs of every student is the best way to keep your class on track. However, it can be challenging to remember how every student in your class likes to learn. The behaviour management section in your Kiwi Teaching Planner provides support resources for neurodiverse students, catering to different learning styles and helping you scale lessons across different levels.

Multi-Level Te Reo Māori Teaching Resources

Teaching te reo Māori and incorporating New Zealand’s rich history into your lessons is another challenge that teachers face. With the Kiwi Teaching Planner, you don’t have to embark on the challenge alone. The teaching planner includes ample Te Reo Māori teaching resources, highlights special days and is even available in the three official languages of NZ – English, Te Reo Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language.

The Best Teaching Planner for You This School Year

The Kiwi Teaching Planner is one of the most comprehensive primary and intermediate education resources available for teachers today. The lessons, sections, suggestions and layout are adaptable to any classroom and help you achieve New Zealand’s curriculum goals.

Edumaxi releases a new teaching planner every year. Currently, you can purchase the Kiwi Teaching Planner 2023 from our User-Friendly Resources store new release!

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