The Benefits of Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

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Before computers and iPads, kids often relied on their own creativity to entertain themselves. While technology is vital to today’s society, there are plenty of other ways to diversify childrens’ skills and development. Some tried-and-true learning resources include arts, crafts and activities.

Doing arts, crafts, and other creative activities was – and still is – one of the best ways for children to develop well-rounded skills. Manual activities challenge children to create possibilities, think critically, socialise and express themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways creative activities benefit children.

Crafts Improve Fine Motor Skills

Doing arts and crafts requires children to use both hands, which strengthens their motor skills. For example, children must focus on tasks like cutting, drawing lines between two points and gluing things together. The dexterity skills they learn from doing crafts will make it easier for them to play sports, tie their shoes, dance, run and participate in other activities.

Art is a Great Form of Expression

Children need an outlet for self-expression and to interpret their surroundings, and art is a fantastic solution. For children who are visual learners, doing arts and crafts allows them to control and shape their environment in any way they wish.

Creative Activities Inspire Critical Thinking

Art, science and other open-ended challenges involve endless possibilities that help children to develop critical thinking skills. A child must decide what materials to use, what colours to select, what shapes to create, and so much more. This kind of decision making teaches children to analyse different options closely, and helps them to gain confidence in the choices they make.

Activities Help Kids Socialise

Whether in the classroom or with friends, doing critical thinking activities fosters the ideal environment for collaboration. Art, experimentation and creativity are common grounds for all children. As they search for possibilities, they can brainstorm amongst each other and connect with others outside of their normal social circles.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Our user friendly resources contain many activities and crafts that you can incorporate into your teaching material. Look at some of our favourite primary school learning resources below:

Balloon Science

Balloon Science is a science resource that uses balloon activities to teach kids about Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Pascal’s Principle, Diffusion in Liquid and Gases, Heat and its Powers, Archimedes’ Principle, and many more.

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Play Activities For The Early Years Book Series

This series features six different learning resources for early childhood learning. Each book has activities focused on developing a specific skill set like creativity, physical, mathematics and the world.

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Experiment, Create, Make Activities Book

This educational resource for early childhood development has activities, challenges and solutions that encourage children to think critically and cooperate with others in the class.

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